Our Track Record and Experience

SCS have worked with a broad range of well covenanted, blue-chip customers, including most major oil and gas producing companies, drilling contractors, refinery operators, steel producers, port authorities and international waste management contractors.

Advanced Technologies and Engineering and a Skilled and Trained Workforce

SCS offers existing and prospective customers the ben

a comprehensive range of professionally maintained equipmentefits of:

  • a technologically advanced engineering facility
  • a trained and skilled field service team
  • innovative customer reporting software systems

With over 25 years management experience and expertise gained in upstream oil and gas projects we've been involved in:

  • over 350 drilling projects
  • over 100 total containment projects
  • over 40 projects involving data reporting
  • over 20 cuttings management projects

Oil and Gas Drilling and Industrial/Environmental Projects Worldwide

    SCS  have also gained over 15 years management experience and expertise working in refineries and other industrial processing operations, with over 70 projects completed and ongoing, including:
  • 5 years management experience and expertise gained in the operation of an IMO and World Bank endorsed MARPOL-approved port waste oil reception facility
  • With an appreciation of cultural issues and an understanding of logistical issues gained from working worldwide, SCS have undertaken:
    • Drilling projects in 18 countries over 5 continents
    • Industrial and environmental projects in 14 countries over 5 continents

UK Address

Solids Control Services
Westpoint House
Arnhall Business Park
Prospect Road, Westhill
Aberdeenshire, AB32 6FJ, UK


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The Netherlands Address

Solids Control Services
Oostoeverweg 19
1786 PS Den Helder
Den Helder
The Netherlands


Tel+31 (0)223 637014

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