Industrial Sludge Treatment 

From it's bases in the UK and The Netherlands, SCS offer equipment and services for the treatment of industrial sludge and waste effluent, on a contract or sale basis, for industrial and environmental waste management projects worldwide. SCS has supported projects in Europe, Asia, South America & Australasia. SCS specialises is the supply of rental decanter centrifuge based systems.

Equipment available includes:

  • Rental decanter centrifuge based 2-phase separation system (solid : liquid split)
  • Rental decanter centrifuge based 3-phase separation system (solid : liquid : liquid split)


Specific equipment deployed: 

  • Decanter centrifuge
    • 11 variants within the SCS fleet (allows customised selection for specific application)
    • Fully hydraulic (for uninterrupted processing of variable consistency feedstock)
    • Large bowl (longer retention time => drier solids => reduced disposal cost)
    • Optimum blend of speed : bowl size : G-force
  • Feed and transfer pumps
  • Conveyors (auger and screwless)
  • Disk-stacks (for purification and clarification)
  • Pre, post and water treatment units


SCS Liquid:Solid Separation Systems (LSSS) for industrial processes comprise:

  • Screening unit
  • Pre-treatment unit
  • Flocculation unit
  • Primary separation unit
  • Solids conveyance system
  • Secondary separation unit
  • Water treatment unit








 Typical Waste streams:

  • Crude and HFO sludge
  • Tank bottom sludge 
  • Lagoon sludge
  • Redundant gasholder sludge
  • Manure slurry 
  • Waste water streams
  • Slops & ballast tank sludge
  • Spent biomass
  • Interceptor waste
  • Scale & sludge from steel making

SCS equipment is ATEX compliant and rated for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas

UK Address

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The Netherlands Address

Solids Control Services
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The Netherlands


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