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Solids Control Services (SCS) specialises in the supply of high quality systems to the global drilling market.

SCS mud cooler systems are suitable for use on HP/HT drilling projects and are designed for the effective control of drilling fluid temperatures, resulting in improved safety and reduced costs.

The system is skid mounted and DNV 2.7.1 certified for ease of transport.

Brochures, specifications and field results available on request.

UK Address

Solids Control Services
Westpoint House
Arnhall Business Park
Prospect Road, Westhill
Aberdeenshire, AB32 6FJ, UK


Tel+44 (0)1224 249220

fax+44 (0)1224 249221



FPAL Supplier Number 10041220

The Netherlands Address

Solids Control Services
Oostoeverweg 19
1786 PS Den Helder
Den Helder
The Netherlands


Tel+31 (0)223 637014

fax+31 (0)223 660662



FPAL Supplier Number 10052476


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