Oil and Gas Drilling Waste Management Equipment and Services

SCS equipment and services for drilling waste management are offered on a contract or rental basis for oil and gas drilling projects.

Equipment available includes:

  • Decanter centrifuge
    • fully hydraulic (for uninterrupted processing of variable consistency feedstock)
    • features unique patented dual-scroll (for longer retention time and drier solids)
  • Total containment system
    • high capacity (70 tonnes per hour)
    • small footprint (minimal intrusion on deck space)
    • low operational manning requirement
    • durable (heavy duty in-house fabrication)
    • easy to service and maintain (supported by onsite spares inventory)
    • proven reliability
    • back-up cuttings transfer pump (used when crane availability is restricted)

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Data reporting
    • custom developed software (compatible with operators statutory reporting obligations)
    • monitor mud use and loss
    • monitor gauge hole drilling
    • monitor waste movements
  • Drill cuttings project management
    • cuttings skips logistics
    • waste movements monitoring and reconciliation
    • solids treatment and disposal
  • Slops treatment
  • Mud recovery (sludge gulper / liquid recovery unit / pressure washer)
  • Pit cleaning (transfer pumps and pit cleaning squads)
  • Produced water treatment

SCS equipment is ATEX compliant and rated for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas

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