Processing of Agricultural Waste

Separation systems are an essential part of today's waste processing industries, including Agriculture.
In livestock production, a surplus of nutrients relative to crop requirements may be produced, increasing the risk of nutrient losses to the 
SCS modular slurry treatment systems, incorporating decanting centifuges and flocculation units, support clients worldwide, serving as 
an integral part of agriculture waste processing and dewatering projects. 

Centrifuge dewatering of manure plays a vital role in the production of fertilizer and in preparing feedstock as fuel for a waste-to-energy

SCS systems offer both environmental benefits and financial opportunities to our partners and customers.

Significant volumes of nutrient rich slurry are produced by agricultural operations. The cost of transporting this resource, from livestock
farms with a nutrient surplus, to arable farms with a nutrient deficit is high.

However, the cost of transporting
nutrients can be significantly reduced by first separating slurry into a solid fraction and a liquid fraction,
reducing the volume to be transported.
 Agriculture 3  Agriculture 4
Effluent (low in nutrients) - post treatment                                   Solids (high in nutrients) - post treatment

SCS offer centrifuge based systems designed to process the slurry and waste, separating into a dry-matter  nutrient rich fraction  
and a liquid fraction, which can be further processed to permit low cost disposal.

Whatever your separation needs, contact SCS for a cost effective, high performance system designed to achieve your project goals,
safely and efficiently.