SCS Environmental provides a variety of wastewater treatment solutions.

SCS can supply standard and bespoke systems to suit client requirements. 

The below equipment is available for hire from the SCS fleet;

  • DAF Units
  • Lamella Separators
  • Oil/Water Separators
  • Polymer Dosing Units

Brochures, specifications and field results available on request.

UK Address

Solids Control Services
Westpoint House
Arnhall Business Park
Prospect Road, Westhill
Aberdeenshire, AB32 6FJ, UK


Tel+44 (0)1224 249220

fax+44 (0)1224 249221

FPAL Supplier Number 10041220

The Netherlands Address

Solids Control Services
Oostoeverweg 19
1786 PS Den Helder
Den Helder
The Netherlands


Tel+31 (0)223 637014

fax+31 (0)223 660662

FPAL Supplier Number 10052476


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